Thank you for your interest in the international Master's programs at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH). The admission requirements at TUHH are very strict and only applicants with very high GPA in their previous studies can get admission to the international Master's degree course. During the online preliminary assessment test we will check in particular if your GPA is meeting our admission requirements. Once you have entered your data we will send you an e-mail to advise on whether you stand a reasonable chance of gaining admission to study for an international Master's degree at the TUHH. If you do, the e-mail will include a link to our online application facility. It is not possible to access application facility without the "pre-check". Please note that we can only convert your cumulative GPA correctly, if you give us the maximum and minimum passing grade for graduation at your university. If you enter incomplete or wrong information you will get an incorrect result, which will be of no use for you. Please do not enter your data more then once! If you do so only the oldest data record will be considered. Illogical or incomplete entries will also not be considered.