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The following pages will offer you the opportunity to apply for the German language Master courses for summer semester 2020 (start of study: 1st April 2020). Applications for the International Master courses for winter semester 2020 (start of study: 1st of October 2020) will start on 6th of January 2020.

By clicking the courses you will get further information.

  • Master's degree programs (taught in German)
    • Applying for a Master's degree program is only possible if you have already completed your first degree or will graduate in the current semester. Students without a degree can only apply for a Bachelor's degree program.
    • For the course "International Engineering and Management" an application is not possible for summer semester.
    • Applicants for a Master's degree program (with the exception of Materials Science) are strongly recommended to check in advance whether they are suitable for a Master's degree program. The check can be done here.
    • TUHH internal students: please inform yourself here.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Office for Admission and Registration.

What would you like to study at TUHH?

A Bachelor's programme results in an initial professional university qualification in Germany. If you have not yet graduated from a German university, you must apply for a Bachelor's programme even if you aim to attain a Master's.

A prerequisite for starting a Master's programme is an initial professional university qualification (e.g. Bachelor of Science, Diplom (FH)).

Haben Sie den für die Bewerbung notwendigen ECTS-Bogen bereits erstellt und als PDF heruntergeladen? (Studienbewerber/innen für den Studiengang Materialwissenschaften können keinen ECTS-Bogen erstellen. Bitte klicken Sie auf "Ja".)
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Approximately, the application period will start 3rd of January 2019.

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Have you completed the German Abitur?

The German "Abitur" is the general higher education entrance qualification in the Federal Republic of Germany; it is gained at a state school in the Federal Republic of Germany. If you gained the 'classic' German "Abitur" at a school in Germany ("Gymnasium" or "Gesamtschule"), please select "yes". If you attended a German school in another country and gained a German higher education entrance qualification there, please select "yes". You must select "no" if, for example, you have completed the university qualification assessment examination following a German foundation course ("Feststellungsprüfung Studienkolleg") or if you attained an International Baccalaureate in Germany.

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Have you already studied at a German university or another higher education institution, or will you have completed your studies by the time you begin the Bachelor's programme at TUHH (application for a so-called second degree ("Zweitstudium"))?
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Are you a citizen of an European Union member state or of Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway?
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You can apply here. Please read the detailed information on the general application process.

Please apply here. Please read this information intensely.

You can apply here. Please read the detailed information on the general application process.

Zur Bewerbung gelangen Sie hier. Bitte informieren Sie sich ausführlich auf diesen Seiten zum Bewerbungsverfahren allgemein.

In order to apply, please follow this link. About the application procedure you can inform yourself at our homepage.

Please complete the PreCheck first. You'll need the code in order to submit your application.